Thursday, April 16, 2009

Updates and Thoughts

- Looks like Drey Mingo is going to Purdue and Marah may be headed to Purdue
- The latest rumor surrounds Anjale may be looking to leave.
- Delle Donne is most likely going to play basketball at Delaware.

Thanks for all your comments about Monday's post. It was great to see some of the feedback and good to have some discussion. After reading through them, just a few responses.

- While I a new fan like so many of you, it can't be taken away what Brenda has done for the program. If you would have told anyone 10 years ago that Maryland would be one of the top women's programs in a few years, people would have laughed at you. I completely understand that while the team may struggle from time to time, it's definitely better than what was on the court beforehand. In the same vein, with success comes heightened expectations and I think that's why some are disappointed with the outcome the last few years. The same is happening on the men's side. It's the price you pay for being great.

-Everyone wants us to focus on defense.

-When I said motivation, I didn't mean physical abuse Bobby Knight style. I meant it more of a way to give the player a kick in the pants. Some players need tough love to be motivated others don't. Those with kids will understand (my little bugger is under 1 so he can do no wrong). There's also a limit to push, but each kid has to be pushed to a certain degree. Remember almost every kid on the roster was a stud in high school and had their way with the opposition. This is different, you just can't show up and win.

-The recruits I was thinking of included: Chay Shegog, Sierra Brevard, Jantel Lavendar, Caroline Doty, Destiny Williams, Monique Oliver. They all had us on their short list and a few decided to go to programs with less pretige (FSU, Illinois and USC). The last few years we seem to be high on people's lists and then at the last minute they change their minds. It's like we are the trendy pick, but not one to go to the dance with.

- My point about Rodgers is while she has battled injuries, there has to be an explanation why she wallowed on the bench for most of the season. She's a key player for this team next year.

- My player leaving list was just illustrating how many players have left in the last few years. While some wanted playing time and others were injured, it's 9 players in 7 years and other coaches will use this against us. No one is going to research why they left. It's also upsetting that we are giving scholarships to transfers who haven't helped us that much.

- "Posts like this from a fan will hurt recruiting". Getting blown out by Louisville and having Doris Burke rant for two games isn't going to help recruiting either. Plus, I think I was fairly tame and this blog shows the passion that Maryland fans have about the team. 5th place isn't good enough.


Anonymous said...

Interesting note...Tianna Hawkins (who I posted about earlier) is on the Hoop Gurlz Honor Rolll....I'd still argue that our recruiting is going well. Congrats Tianna!

Anonymous said...

And this article suggests that perhaps our 9 player losses (NOT transfers) in 8 seasons is nothing to be worked up over...the Georgetown men's team has lost 8 players in 4 seasons. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Why do you traffic in rumors, as in "rumors" that Barrett might leave? Uncorroborated "rumors" on the Internet start taking on a life of their own, and things like this just feed the negativity. Why not wait till (if ever) you have a real fact on this to report.

As for your list of who left, you didn't address the errors on your list. Marrone didn't leave. And Spence left ODU to come here.

You are of course entitled to your opinions, this is your blog, but opinions should be based on facts.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree - the rumor about Barrett began on a page where someone quite unstable (and with an axe to grind against Brenda) posts....I think I have figured out who the person is and I'm deciding whether to escalate that so that they're revealed for who they are. I probably won't, but if they keep it up....

Also, I was sad to see that someone who purports to be a Rebounder was over on that site trumpeting rumors about Brenda's recruiting of Langhorne - information she (I presume) obtained from a DUKE site. Seriously, get a life. If you're going to repeat rumors, bringing rumors from other schools about what did or didn't happen 6-8 years ago is really nto terribly credible - if you don't know why, you need some serious cerebral boosting.

Joey Nations said...

Alli Spence lasted a semester and then left.

Marrone left as she played at Dowling this year. She had another year left.

Anonymous said...

5:27 AM & 9:31 AM - you need to take a breath. This is a blog! Fortunately, Joey has made it anonymous. This is not the WP, NYT or LA Times. Since when are bloggers held to the same standard as a journalist.

Again, Joey - THANKS for providing this format. If the opinions or writings of this blog offend folks - then they should not read it or post comments.

Brenda is a big girl and she can fight her own battles. The team has work to do and she knows. I strongly believe that the team will be even better the next season. I said it before and I will say it again - I support Brenda, the staff, and the entire team.

In addition, I support Joey and his courage to tell the truth. I posted about what I agreed and disagreed with regarding Joey's comments.

This blog is a great format. It is the equivalent of listening to minister preach a sermon. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you don't. You simply eat the meat and spit out the bones!

Anonymous said...

Christie Marrone went thru Senior Night at Md and I believe graduated from Md. She is listed as a Grad student on the Dowling roster. Are you saying we should hold it against the Md program because she decided to pursue her grad studies elsewhere? And who even heard of Alli Spence? She wasn't a Md recruit (neither was Marrone), she went to ODU and then left (illness or injury).

Marah leaving is a reputational hit for the program, but I think you are trying to make way too much with the rest of your list.

Joey Nations said...

Here are Alli's Stats: 14 Alli Spence........ 21-6 534 25.4 50-111 .450 38-76 .500 27-35 .771 9 37 46 2.2 36 1 75 62 1 15 165 7.9

and her bio:

Marrone had two years left, she left VT as a frosh. Ever think she was asked to not come back? She's a loss just like Lori Bjork is a loss for Illinois.

Oh and I forgot about C'Vette.

We have pursued three transfers from other schools and not one has panned out, nor made it through a complete year.

Anonymous said...

On NO planet was Marrone a loss...she was slow, out of shape, and basically could only shoot when standing still.

Let's not make misery where there's little - we're not Georgetown with their 8 actual transfers in 4 years....

Joey Nations said...

Then why was Marrone accepted as a transfer? We played against her as a frosh and then got to see her in the tournament. No one realized she was slow?

Anonymous said...

There are tons of reasons people are accepted as transfers....for example, coaches often call each other and make arrangements for players. Not saying that's what happened w/ Marrone, but it could be that she was accepted largely as a favor...based on the times I watched her, I think there's a good chance she was a favor. Not b/c she's not a better player than I am (she is), but she was the "which of these things doesn't fit with the others" piece of the team (at least one of them).

Anonymous said...

We are not the only school to have issues with Doris Burke, homer commentator:
A recurring theme among Louisville fans has been the lack of objectivity and professionalism displayed by color commentator Doris Burke during the Louisville-Oklahoma NCAA women’s semi-final basketball game. Fortunately, I was at the game and didn’t have to listen to her verbage. A TIVO replay, however, reveals that U of L fans have legitimate concerns.

Believe it or not, the ESPN network provides a way for fans to complain. Here’s the link: Have at it.


Anonymous said...

If you think I'm going to complain about Doris Burke's accurate characterizations of matters, get real. I actually really like Doris Burke - she's one of the few commentators who's reasonable in her assessments and ESPN badly needs her to balance Mike Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Marrone slow?? We have a few slow and out of shape playes now! A few shooters that need to be wide open to shoot. On the defensesive side or the ball, who can we stop?.Recruiting is going well for the moment .What happens to these kids once they get here? Certain players should see the writing on the wall. Rogers sat 22 games I beleive ,then played late in the season, did Brenda receive a devine revelation suddenly the kid could play?.My point is players have to be developed, weight issues, speed issues, these are areas when trainers utilize their skills to get these young ladies prepared. They all need attention. Recruiting as a favor knowing the player will never be all they could be because of a favor is a lousey thing to do to a person. That is mental cruelty a complete waste of a players time and energy. These kids that are written off, practice as hard as everyone else, and their reward is critisisims and people saying things that I am sure unless you are the player or a family memember how do you come up with the things that are said.A team is composed of components, everyone has something to contribute, good recruiters go out and get what they need. McDonald AA are selected everyone that knows basketball knows these players are an elete group of players. Every is not selected because they only pick a certain amount. There are many players that are just as good as and in some cases better, that don't get picked. Again my point is who we get no matter how big or little the name is, what are we going to do once we get them is the question? Playing 5 players all season until they drop is not going to do it.