Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Update

  • As you can see on the left side of the page, I have put up the Twitter Feeds for Coach, Marissa, Kristi and Crystal. I will do my best to make it look cleaner in the coming weeks. (If you know of other players I need to follow, let me know)

  • Our Terps in the pros have done well. Harp started her last game and has led the team in rebounds in both preseason contests. KT had 17 the other night and Marissa and Lang continue to do well for the Mystics.

  • Marissa is also writing a blog for the WNBA and ComcastSportsNet.

  • The rumor I speculated last week is now true: Daron is leaving for La Tech. From the wording it sounds like Daron left for a title change (he went from Assistant Coach to Associate Head Coach), but he could have gotten that here. From my POV, he jumped ship and will take over Walz's title as Benedict Arnold (Walz - you must be so happy that Daron replaced you again). At least Jeff left for a head coaching position at a big time conference. Daron left to work for a rookie coach essentially. Some highlights from the release:
    "Daron brings great experience to our program," Weatherspoon said. "He is a great X's and O's coach who is masterful with defensive schemes. Coming from the highly competitive ACC, he knows what it takes to compete at that level. "
    - as I mentioned about a month ago, our scoring defense was the highest in the Frese era. I wonder where Daron was hiding the defensive schemes.
    Weatherspoon said that Park will serve as the recruiting coordinator for LA Tech while also working with the Lady Techsters post-play development.
    - Daron loved x's and o's and hated recruiting, I think his lone recruit last year was Yemi.
    - Post-play Development? Drey rode the bench and Kizer missed a lot of lay ups and most of the time we played with 4 guards.

    In short, I am not sad to see Daron go. I think he used the job as a stepping stone to get a better job (there were rumors he was looking last year too) and his stock wasn't going to get any higher next year.

  • According to Camille Powell at the Washington Post Dave Adkins will be hired to fill one of the two assistant coaching openings. Don't really know what to say about this hire. He's coached boys' high school ball for many years and is known as a local guru in terms of preparing players for the pros, but how is he going to help the team. In this video all I see the players work on is their offensive game. As we have seen, our offense really isn't the problem, it's our defense. Also, how will he relate to women's players and recruiting them? Hopefully the next assistant is a home run because at this point we have two assistants on the bench with limited college coaching expierence and I don't think either is an x's and o's person.


    Anonymous said...

    Dave Adkins is a FANTASTIC hire with real credibility among players in the NBA & WNBA (as well as in college). I am not concerned about his ability to help Coach teach defense and improve player development.

    As for Park, I wish him well, but won't miss him.

    Anonymous said...

    Ashleigh newman also has a twitter

    TerpFan said...

    So is Adkins a confirmed hire?

    Anonymous said...

    I agree about Daron, but disagree about Dave. I think he'll be a HUGE help to Maryland now. And I think the fact that he's worked w/ many amazing players will better the recruiting at Maryland. I'm very excited to see these new coaching changes for the Terps and look forward to their future w/ them. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Time for a new update, please! Can we discuss the possibility that Daron Park was asked to leave due to what some view as our recent semi-decline in recruiting and his inability to put together a reasonably good game plan (i.e., an unpredictable game plan that allows us to avoid getting shellacked)?

    Anonymous said...

    Laurin Mincy is reported to have committed to MD today!!! WOOHOOO! So excited to see her in a Terps uni! Welcome Laurin!