Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Back

Wow what a summer it's been. It seems like it's been a whirlwind on campus since the end of the season.

Two new coaches added to the staff: Marlin Chinn | David Adkins

Two new recruits signed on for 2010: Lauren Mincy and Natasha Cloud. Along with Alyssa Thomas, Maryland has the #1 class in the country

Marissa has dealt with an ankle injury and a crazy dog.

Crystal is beginning to show the league what we all saw for four years. Although their offense is geared too much around Lindsay Harding if you ask me.

KT and Harper are both struggling to find playing time.

Yemi played in the World University Games.

Brenda went to Peru and back.

Controversy brewed over the fact that women's basketball's budget didnn't receive the same percentage cut as football and men's basketball. Honestly, the women implemented some cuts last year before things got worse such as bus trips to Pittsburgh and Duke instead of the normal flights.

Message board fights have heated up over the disappointments the last two seasons, which leads to the new poll question.

And lastly, we learned that Shay had a Breast Cancer scare while at Maryland. Just a reminder to all my female followers - be sure to get check routinely.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Since we've talked about Walz's impact on the program, can we discuss the rumors (on the AAU circuit) that Walz is clearing players out of Louisville in order to load up on better players?

Anonymous said...

Any news on Whitney Bays who took a visit to MD on 9/11? Alicia DeVaughn takes her visit toward the end of the month....getting either of those 2 could make our 2010 class even stronger. I also hope we're in the running for Elizabeth Williams from VA Beach (former teammate of Kim Rodgers who admires CLang).

And, while we're at it - can you add a response to your poll? I think it's kind of silly to be so agitated about not making a final four - do you realize what that says about our program?!? While disappointing, failing to make a final 4 isn't indicia of failure - our disappointment is a sign that the program is a pretty darn good one, imo.

Anonymous said...

I believe the argument is that with the best starting 5 in the game, they didn't make it back not once, but 3 years. Yes, the program has been elevated to new heights, but not since Walz left. Who then brought his program back, and some might say, again.

Anonymous said...

Oh please with that Walz nonsense. That guy is a sleazebag and it's finally getting out in the AAU circuit.

Moreover, by the time we got back to the Elite 8, we didn't have the best 5 in the country and arguably, lacked the glue that led to our title - Shay. In addition, this silly argument presupposes that there is no such thing as luck in the NCAA tourney. Luck is an absolute necessity, along with talent. Walz was there the year we had Shay and exited early so get over that stupid argument.

Why can't we just admit that we ran into a hot-shooting Stanford team that played over their heads (well, Hones did) in 2008 and a Louisville team that played harder than we did?!? Perhaps there were some defensive failings during the Louisville game, but even more, we were flat offensively in that game. In any case, Walz is not what you all think and the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

"In any case, Walz is not what you all think and the truth will come out."

Anonymous said...

Can we discuss the fantastic new recruits, Whitney Bays & Alicia DeVaughn? Welcome to both! So excited to have them in a Terps uniform (and as an alum, to welcome them to the Terp family)!!

Anonymous said...

Walz is a sleazebag? I would love to know what he has done for you to think that. I have talked to several of the ex-Terps that played when he was here and they all say they love him. That is straight from the mouth of several players. I actually talked to him at the Mystics game vs. Indiana at the Comcast Center and he was nice as always to me. Even saw Harp, KT, Ashleigh Newman and Jade Perry all run over to him and give him a big hug.

I'm not saying we aren't giving him too much credit for what was done at Maryland, but to start calling him names is a little childish. I know we are having a great recruiting year but I did see where Louisville's recruiting class is Top 5 also. Not too bad for someone who can't recruit.

I expect us to get back to the Final Four in a few years and wouldn't mind to see Louisville there either. I can admit the facts that he out coached us last year in the Elite 8 game and no one can argue that. Facts back it up.

The AAU circuit talk is hard to understand either. How can he be putting together a Top 5 class if he is really thought of as a sleazebag?

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